How to Use XVID Codec on Android? (Our Expert Guide)

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Do you know How to Use XVID Codec on Android? When Getting disturbed with regards to the best approach to utilize XVID codec on Android, this text will help you precisely. XVID is one of the consistently used video pressure techniques.

While it’s open source and well known, many default video players stacked with a few Android gadgets may not support the organization for XviD codec vlc. So how would one approach and play XVID on an Android telephone?

A genuine number of utilizations empower you to utilize XVID Codec on Android gadgets. You’ll download these from the Google Play Store. Introduce the upheld application, and it’ll play all the XVID Codec recordings.

The Most Practical Method to Use XVID Codec on Android

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Thus, for those pondering the best approach to utilize XVID Codec on Android, we suggest some of the most significant Android applications.

How to Use Xvid Codex Video Guide

Top Android Applications During this Worry

VLC for Android

A free and open-source media player, VLC is one of the most straightforward video players for PCs and cell phones. Essentially snatch the media player application from Google Play, and you will not require the other Codec bundle. This application covers all the video designs and permits the utilization of XVID Codec on Android.

It’s a few advantageous elements like in-application caption download, the decision to change the codecs, pressure designs, and different boundaries to have the easiest experience. Besides, it’s boss as far as security as well.

What’s more, the top critical part – is no buggy advertisements or in-application buys to upset you while watching a video or a film.

ArcMedia Lite

One more exceptionally dependable and highlight-rich media player for Android telephones is ArcMedia Lite which lets you Use XVID Codec on Android. Like VLC, this application device accompanies the inbuilt help for XVID and DivX; additionally, for quite some time, packed video organizes too.

The application would empower clients to stream different media over the organization through 3G, Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Furthermore, you’ll likewise download the documents and offer them over Wi-Fi with others.

In this manner, it’s a sensibly incredible media player to have on your Android. ArcMedia Lite is inaccessible inside the play store, yet you’ll see it on the web (apk destinations).


Created by Euphemia, this particular video player also upholds different media arranges and is furthermore viable to pack recordings utilizing XVID. The machine has an arrangement of provisions that make it simple and advantageous.

With MoboPlayer, you besides may sort the records. Keep playing same class documents, multi-sound records, playlist support, and so forth are some of this Android media player’s, generally speaking, components. Moboplayer licenses to the utilization of XVID Codec on Android.

In this manner, to play an XVID design video on your Android telephone –

Step-1: Go to Google Play Store on the Android handset to ask for XVID supporting media player.

Step 3: Open the application and login/make a record if necessary (relies upon the application).

Step-4: Launch/pick the XVID Codec video from where it’s saved money on your telephone.

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