How to Use a Custom Domain Name for Email with GoDaddy?

Do you know How to Use a Custom Domain Name for Email With Godaddy? Why is it crucial to choose a custom domain to send emails? It’s known as branding! Perception is the only way to be seen online. 

Knowing how to utilize a custom-engineered domain name for email is among the most critical steps any company must take when establishing an online profile. If you’ve got an online presence but aren’t currently using the domain for email, cut it!

How to Use a Custom Domain Name for Email With Godaddy?

Utilizing a free email address like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! can give the impression that you may not be that technologically proficient. What’s more attractive? or You already know the answer!

Professional companies utilize their domains for email to establish credibility and build trust.

It’s simple to create an account for free for Hotmail, Yahoo!, and Gmail -but after that, shut it down. This is why fly-by-nights and spammers employ “throw-away” accounts for their criminal actions.

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Do you want to know how to use a customized domain name for your email? First, you must locate the perfect domain name. Then we’ll walk through the steps to set up and discuss how to get your customized domain email address to work. Let’s do it!

How do you Use a Custom Domain Name to Send Emails?

To make this article, we’ll be using GoDaddy for an illustration. Follow these steps to attach a domain’s domain address to the email you’ve received.

  1. Log into the GoDaddy account you have created. GoDaddy account.
  2. Navigate to Professional Email.
  3. Choose the plan you want to use.
  4. Get an account for email.
  5. Use your email service to access your account.
  6. Enter your domain.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Complete setup.

With the low monthly cost required, Professional Email is a logical choice for me to establish trust and ensure that email messages are easily identified when they land in the inboxes of my contacts. I’m using Microsoft 365 for my main eCommerce website.

How to Use a Custom Domain Name for Email with GoDaddy 2021

1. Log into your GoDaddy account.

It’s easy enough. Simply go to and select Sign In in the upper left-hand corner. After you’ve entered your details (or set up an account), you’ll be redirected to your GoDaddy account.

2. Navigate to Professional Email

If you don’t have an email account, click the GoDaddy icon in the left-hand upper corner, and you’ll be taken to the homepage. In the header area, click Email and Office > Professional Email. If you already subscribed to an existing Professional Email plan, skip stepping 5.

3. Choose a plan

Choose a plan that meets your business’s needs. If you’re looking for an email, we suggest the Email Plus plan to store your email in addition to others. After you have selected the plan you want, you’ll be taken to a webpage to identify additional needs. Choose the length of your term and any other features you may want to make.

4. Buy an email account

Then you’ll be asked to input your payment details (unless the information is already stored). When you’re done submitting your payment information, click to place your order.

5. Connect to your email product

When you log into your account, there’s an option in your account under the products that is called Email & Office. Select Manage, and you’ll be taken to your brand-new email service.

6. Enter your domain

You’ll be asked to select from a selection of domain names you currently have. If you don’t have a domain name, it is necessary to purchase one before you purchase. Once you’ve picked your domain, then click Continue.

7. Fill in your email details

You’ll be taken to a page where you can complete additional information about your email, including the desired account you’d like us to, along with your complete name, password, and so on.

8. Complete the setup

When you’re satisfied with the design, Click to create. That’s it! GoDaddy will take care of everything else and email you after installing the product. You can watch this video for a step-by-step guide if you’re a visual learner.

What next?

Many small-scale business owners are shocked to learn that despite all the options and tools that can be used to promote your business, email marketing remains the biggest Kahuna. Here are a few statistics that will convince you to study how to make the domain you have chosen for your email so that you can utilize it for promotions via email:

  • Every dollar spent on email marketing earns an ROI of $38.
  • The subscribers to your email list will be 3 times more likely to share content on social media than those who come via other channels.
  • A return on investment of about 4300 percent email is almost a cost-effective way to pay for itself.

The truth is that marketing emails can be among the most cost-effective ways for businesses to get in touch with their customers. To be successful in these campaigns, you must be able to establish a professional email address.

An email message can be 5 times more likely read by emails than on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s why musicians use the software for email marketing to announce their concert schedule to the public. At the same time, charities utilize it to receive donations, and photographers utilize it to advertise their services for portraits. It’s just a good idea across all sectors.

Custom Domain Email Marketing Concepts for Businesses

Marketing via email has been proven to be among the most efficient ways to keep your leads for your business and to encourage returning customers. Use your email for professional marketing to reach out to potential customers and prospects and establish lasting relationships.

Not sure how? Here are some Tips to help you get going for an easy solution:

  • Whitepapers and eBooks for free are excellent incentives to encourage people to join your company’s mailing lists. Make sure that the content is something subscribers can use, and be careful not to be excessively promotional. Use your experience and knowledge to be your selling point.
  • Unique “Subscribers Only” discounts and sales. Include a promo code just for your email marketing list subscribers.
  • Include FAQs or tips that you’re aware that your site’s users are seeking out. Include a step-by-step guide or a list of helpful tips aimed at what your clients need to be aware of. Also, include calls to action and hyperlinks to your site.
  • Use exclusive content not available for public consumption on your blog or website. You could include a tutorial or a PDF download that only newsletter subscribers can access.
  • Offer a survey to customers. The survey could cover everything related to newsletters to product offerings. You can also offer an incentive, like the subscriber being drawn in a raffle for a gift certificate or gift card for your product or services. What do you need to be aware of? Ask, and your subscribers will be able to pipe in!

In each instance, you’ll receive an email delivered to the subscriber’s inbox containing your email address which matches your site’s address. Every email you send out will increase your credibility; yes, it will be branding!

Quick Email Marketing Tips

Once you’ve got a few ideas in the making, you’ll need to keep these ideas in your head:

  • Include your name (not general terms like “Support” or “Sales”) in the address from which you are sending it. Is your brand yours, you know?
  • Create a fantastic headline. Brief and precise give the incentive to read further!
  • Make your email look like you’re speaking to every subscriber, not a bunch of strangers. Don’t be afraid to display your style.
  • Make sure that each email is in the direction of why you’re sending this specific message. Include hyperlinks to your website’s appropriate area(s) for your subscribers to learn more.
  • Include a precise, robust, and undeniable call to action. Inform subscribers of what you would like to happen in the next step.
  • Mix things up to avoid appearing overly “template-y.” Change greetings closes, greetings, and images.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve learned how to create an individual email domain and all the benefits that come with it, take the next step and go through GoDaddy’s Email marketing. It is possible to begin using it now to get the ROI you can get for your company!

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