Why is My Polaroid Flashing Red Light? (Possible Reasons and Solution)

Pictures are memories. Pictures are fun. With recent advancements in technology, picture-taking has become more accessible. Polaroid cameras are one of the most liked picture-taking tools. Although smart cameras have a considerable market share, Polaroid cameras are in high demand.

If you have also recently purchased a Polaroid camera or planning to it, this guide is for you. One of the most frequent problems Polaroid camera owners encounter is the flashing of red lights.

General Reasons Behind Polaroid Flashing Red Light?

Red flashes usually indicate a low battery, but there can also be other reasons. We have compiled a list of possible causes for red flashes. 

Why is My Polaroid Flashing Red Light

1. Low Battery

The most frequent cause of red flashes is a low battery. Most Polaroids come with a LED light indicator to specify low battery.

The Polaroid flashing red in case of a low battery indicates that you need to replace the batteries. Push the lens back into the Polaroid’s body to replace the batteries. Some Polaroids flash red once plugged in.

2. Still Charging

Some Polaroid security cameras continue to show Polaroid flashing red when connected to a charger. It is an indicator that the battery is still low.

Polaroid cameras continue to give red flashes till the battery is 50% charged. After this, the light will turn orange. Near the fully charged point, the flash will turn green and off once t is fully charged. 

3. Almost Fully Charged

Polaroid cameras come with broad diversification, so you may see some cameras that give a blinking red flash when fully charged. This specification may be written on the instruction manual that comes in the packing. 

4. Out of Paper/Film

If your Polaroid camera has a paper/film status light, you can see a red flash red when running out of the film.

Check this option by opening the paper insertion door. Properly insert new paper sheets and adjust the paper door correctly. 

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To check the film, turn the control knob in the counter-clockwise direction. The yellow control lines should be in line with the shutter button. It will illuminate the Polaroid’s LED lights. 

The number of LED that appears show the number of shots remaining. No LED light means a new film roll is needed. 

5. Print Jam

Polaroid cameras can give flash red in case of a print jam. Another possibility that your polaroid is giving red flashes is the print jam. There can be several reasons for it:

  • Bent paper
  • Papers overloaded
  • Paper placed backward

6. Canceled Print

Some Polaroid cameras give the option of print cancelation. In this case, cancellation of a print will give flash red.

Moreover, if any error occurs during the printing process, it may also result in the cancellation of the printing process. The Polaroid may cancel the process. 

As a result, the Polaroid will glow red to indicate that the printing has been canceled. Print cancellation may occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Low battery
  • Upside-down placement of Pape
  • Too deep lodging of paper inside the camera
  • Wrong paper

7. Stuck or Misplaced Film Cartridge

Some Polaroid models give flash red when there is a film cartridge issue. Incorrect insertion of film cartridges and cartridges being stuck are two main issues. 

These issues also damage the film. When you are sure your Polaroid has a stuck cartridge, permanently dislodge the film cartridge in a dark room.

8. No Memory Left

Polaroid cameras are based on micro-SD memory cards. In this case, the camera will flash red when the memory card has less than 1 GB of space left. 

The light may blink red when the card is entirely out of memory. In this case, either transfer all the pictures to another device or insert a new one. 

9. Full Ink Cartridge

If you own a Polaroid with ink cartridges, it may usually flash red when the ink cartridge is full. 

Polaroid Flashing Red Dissected Model Wise

Now that we have discussed the general reasons Polaroid cameras give red flashes, it’s time to discuss the reasons specific to particular camera models. 

1. Polaroid 300

If you own Polaroid 300, it usually blinks red because of low battery. This camera comes with two AA batteries, giving at least one hundred snaps. 

So, the first option when your Polaroid 300 gives flash red is that your camera needs new batteries. If the problem continues after the replacement of batteries, then further investigate the issue. 

 2. Polaroid Now 

If Polaroid Now is your choice, remember that the red-light problem probably arises because of a low battery charge. 

If the batteries are not fully charged, your Polaroid will not reject the black film cover. 

3. Polaroid Now+ 

Polaroid Now+ is an advanced model of Polaroid. It also demonstrates the remaining percentage of the battery.

Use the plus (+) button. The film counter will show the numbers corresponding to various battery levels.

1 means there is no battery. 2 represents a 20 percent charge remaining. So, when you see the red flash, the first option is to charge the camera. If the problem persists, then dig deeper to look for other options. Resetting the camera is usually recommended in this case. 

4. Polaroid SNAP

It is a more advanced Polaroid with status LED light indicators for paper status, low battery charge, and a MicroSD card. 

Do not quickly assume that the red flash indicates a dead battery for this camera. A red light may also mean that all your prints are used. Red blinking may also mean that the storage space is below one gigabyte.

If the SNAP camera cannot read the card, it may also cause a flash red. Because it has no memory or you have inserted it incorrectly.

In Some situations, all three LED light indicators may switch on. Some reasons include inserting a new film too soon, using the wrong film, or jamming your film pack.  

How to Fix the Common Problems Related to Polaroid Flashing Red

Problem 1: Dead Batteries & Solution

All the lights on your adjustment dial will flash red at once if your camera has dead batteries. Otherwise, it may start the red lamp behind the viewfinder.

The Solution is to buy new batteries. Make sure that you use the same brand every time. If all the lights are on, you should extend the lens and add the new batteries. If only the red lamp is on, retract the lens before adding the new batteries.

Problem 2: Film Error & Solution

The solution to this problem is twofold. Firstly, you need to buy your films correctly. Secondly, ensure accurate handling and loading of the films.  

Problem 3: Low Battery Charge & Solution

Some cameras give a red flash with a low battery. If you get annoyed with flash red the only solution is to keep an eye on the battery. A fully charged camera will function better with lesser chances of red flash. 

Problem 4: You Accidentally Dropped your Camera & Solution

Dropping the camera is one of the most frequent problems encountered by camera owners. Once you have dropped your Polaroid, the only solution is the correct and timely diagnosis. 

Check all of the critical camera parts to identify the damaged ones. If the drop was from a considerable height, try to get professional help to repair the camera. 

Problem 5: Memory Card Issues & Solution

Always ensure the correct insertion of the memory card. Moreover, choose a memory card with adequate storage space.

Can I Reset my Polaroid Camera?

You can always reset your Polaroid camera. First, make sure that your camera is charged for sixty minutes. Now open the film door. On the left side, you will find the reset button. 

On the left side. It is Maku, like a tiny black dot placed right above where you insert the film pack. Press that button. Some Polaroids go to the reset function when the power button is pressed for about eight seconds.  

How Can I know if my Polaroid Camera has Failed?

Being machines, Polaroid cameras are always vulnerable to wear and tear. If you have dropped your camera on some hard surface, the chances of camera failure are high. It is because a substantial fall may break the critical internal components.  

Moreover, regular, frequent usage also wears down the camera. Mishandling can fail the camera.

If your start getting blurry images, too-light or too-dark images, or large repeating dots, then there are chances that your camera may have failed.

Other issues indicating a failed camera include entirely white or black or white images, blue marks or vertical stripes, etc.


We have discussed the Polaroid camera flash red in detail. But this writing is not some formula that can elaborate on all the details. It is just a general guideline to unveil complete information regarding the flash red light of the Polaroid camera.

Once you know the possible cause of the red flashlight, you can professionally handle the situation, diagnose the problem, and solve it correctly.

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