How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras? Causes and Solution

Photography is both a profession and a passion. It creates memories if backed with a good camera. If you are also into photography, you must have heard about how to reset Instax mini 9 cameras. This camera is the ultimate answer if you aim to get professional instant photos.

With a tiny outlook, this camera owns a gorgeous design in eye-catching bubblegum colors. Apart from its unique design, what photographers admire about this camera is its

Functionality. Being tiny, this camera can easily fit in your pocket. This miniature camera will give you quality photos within no time. 

How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras

This guide by greenhatfiles has provided you with info about how to reset Instax mini 9 cameras safely. Look at this to document your memories without breaking your precious photo printer.

Top 5 Reasons Your Instax Mini 9 Isn’t Working

There are different uses for cameras in this world of technology. Instax Mini 9 camera has unique uses. So there can be many instances when your Instax Mini 9 camera needs a reset. Below are some of the reasons which can result in faulty operations of the camera; hence, a reset is needed.

1. Problem with Battery

With the passage of time, old batteries affect the camera’s working. The camera may turn on initially, but once the pictures are taken, it will suddenly shut down. If the camera gives orange flashes, the batteries either die or have medium power. 

Red flashes correspond to dead batteries. While changing the batteries, always choose good quality batteries. Non-alkaline batteries are usually considered long-lasting ones.

2. Damaged Film

In some cases, the film might be to blame. Sometimes a damaged film may also result in malfunctioning.  A compromised film will cause the lights to flicker, or it may shut down the camera completely. 

While reloading the film, make sure not to touch the rectangular holes over the back of the film. Direct sunlight is another primary reason for damaged films. Slide the new film straight into the back. Look up for yellow marks, indicating the film’s proper alignment. 

3. Close-ups Are Too Close

These are tiny cameras with a minimum focus of 60 centimeters. You can have a 35 to 50 cm close-up distance with an attached closeup lens.

This camera cannot focus if the subject is lying too close to the camera. Eventually, the pictures you get in this case will be distorted and blurry. Not only will the pictures be useless, but your film sheets will also be wasted. 

Some photographers do not understand this problem and try resting the camera. However, in this case, you will not need to reboot the camera. You only need to fix the focal distance so the camera can perform better.

4. Clean the Camera

Being an electronic machine, your camera needs proper maintenance and overhauling now and then. Your photos can turn out defective and blurry with a dirty lens.

Any dirt, foreign objects, or dust lodged inside the injection slot or the camera will affect the picture quality. Usually, a thorough cleaning can solve issues. So, before you reset the camera, first check the lens and camera for dirt.

While cleaning, make sure that the film ejection slot is not open.  An exposed ejection slot will damage the films, automatically resetting the photo count. Eventually, it will demand a replacement of damaged films. 

5. Someone Knocked the Camera

Being tiny, your Instax Mini 9 camera needs care. Its delicacy demands keeping it safe from hard impacts. A rough knock or free fall can damage the camera badly. Blinking dial adjustments or flickering lights appear as the first sign of damage. 

Moreover, you may see loos buttons, dislodged parts, or battery covers. A severe fall can even result in out-of-focus images.

A professional fix and a technical reset might help in this case. So let’s discuss how to reset Instax mini 9 cameras.

How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras Safely?

There are different solutions to fix the failed cameras. Remember that your Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instax comes under the analog category. So, no digital settings or functions need to be reset.

It does not keep any memory. It has no robotic functioning. The exposure setting is the only option that will be reset. 

Do not open the camera’s backside before your film pack is finished, or your film can get damaged. If you open the back cover, it will also automatically reset the counter. 

The camera will indicate full memory even when the film sheet may have more space in it.  In this case, discard the damaged film. 

A fresh pack will solve your problem. If you remove the batteries for a fresh installment, the camera will not reset.  The camera automatically displays the count of leftover films.

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Why Is My Instax Blinking Red?

Instax Mini 9 may blink red indicating low batteries. As a thumb rule, red light is a “low battery indicator.” All you need is good quality batteries, so your camera starts giving perfect pictures again.

Why Does My Instax Mini 9 Keep Flashing?

A continuous flash is also an indication of the problem. Try to replace the batteries. When you extend the lens, a change of batteries is recommended.  If the batteries are replaced while the lens is still retracted, the camera gives faulty pictures.

This camera comes with another attachment of a close-up lens. This attachment serves the purpose of macro photography. A close-up lens is attached by aligning it with the mark on the front of the camera. Never over-tighten the lens, as this may damage the strip or attachment threading.


We have tried to provide a mini guide to Instax Mini 9 users. Although the camera is known for its durability and professional pictures, it demands care and maintenance. Although we have tried to help the user by discussing all the significant issues, in case you cannot understand the problem, take your camera for professional overhauling.

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