6 Amazing Things That You Can Do With Stellar.js

Stellar.js is a terrific JavaScript library that expands the horizons of possibilities for web developers. You can use its power-packed tools to design beautiful and interactive websites that will make an impression to your visitors. Stellar.js provides different features that one may use to enhance their web design from exciting parallax scrolling effects to effortless animations. 

In this introduction, let’s look at six fascinating stuff you can accomplish with Stellar.js. Buckle up! You are going to love this amazing library in the fascinating web development world.

What is Stellar.js?

Stellar.js is an easy-to-use parallax scrolling jQuery plugin. Despite being old, it is still very stable, works well with the latest version of jQuery, and many developers use it on their websites. If you might have already heard of this, you should know that this jQuery plugin is widely popular on the jQuery plugin registry. Stellar.js is easy and easygoing. The effects of it are smooth and visually appealing, and they don’t require much code to be used.

Accordingly, you will control the pace, direction, and power of the scrolling animation such that you will have complete manipulation of the visuals. Stellar.js also presents several customization alternatives. It is also possible to add the parallax effect to various portions of a single page such as images, text, or even sections.

What’s Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is the motion that is made in the background moving at a different rate from the foreground, thereby creating a 3d effect when you browse the webpage downwards. Such a thing may be a great complement to any website, but, unfortunately, if applied incorrectly it may become very annoying. 

At times, you may notice some websites running entirely on this effect and your experience won’t be elegant. This effect mostly animates the images in the background, so in addition to slowing the load on the website, it increases the overall load of the website significantly, leading to a total weight.

Six detailed points on the amazing things you can do with Stellar.js

1. Make Mesmerizing Parallax Scrolling

Stellar.js makes it uncomplicated to include parallax scrolling, as in a 3D effect, various parts of your site scroll at different speeds. You have the exact power you need over scroll speed, direction, and strength to create interestingly amazing scrolling experiences that will fascinate users.

2. Smooth Animations and Transitions

In a bid to make your website efficient in smooth animations and transitions, stellar.js will be of great assistance to you. If you manage to operate this Stellar.js, you can apply different animations of features that fade in and out, sliders, or transformations to the content that enhance the attractiveness and provide better interactivity for users.

3. Scroll-Triggered Actions

Implement actionable scroll events for user interactivity. Stellar.js allows you to rectify various actions that occur upon a certain area being visible or at a particular scroll position. It works well for interactive storytelling, progressively revealing content as the user scrolls, or animation at particular places on the page.

4. Parallax Backgrounds

By using stellar.js, you can create breathtaking parallax backgrounds that increase the 3D effect as well as the appearance of the website itself. A dynamic, catchy website can be achieved by using parallax effects on your background images and creating an appearance of depth as well as movement.

5. Dynamic Sticky Elements

Does it matter if some parts of a page remain fixed when a user scrolls down? Stellar.js has got you covered! The “sticky elements” function enables you to create headers, a navigation bar, and others that users will see even as they scroll for more information about the site, thus improving the browsing experience.

6. Customizable Scroll Speed and Easing

Stellar.js will let you manage to have full control of the scrolling speed and ease. As you scroll down, set the pace with which these elements slide into view. Choose between linear, ease-in-out, or ease-in-easing options that allow varying degrees of acceleration/deceleration on the slide into view.


It has been a long in exploring the awesome of Stellar.js. This JavaScript library has revolutionized web development by enabling the creation of impressive parallax scrolling effects, and animation customization among others. With Stellar.js, your website can go to another level and wow your visitors with beautiful and interactive experiences. So let loose your creativity; there is no limit to Stellar.js. May your websites glow like the stars and happy coding.

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