The 4 Benefits of Digital Signage Advertising

There are many benefits of incorporating digital signage advertising into your business. This kind of advertising does not require complicated implementations or ongoing management, which frees your marketing team to focus on other things. One of these benefits is increased sales. Another is cost-effectiveness. It is also effective in driving brand awareness and customer retention.

4 Benefits of Digital Signage Advertising

1. Increased Sales

To increase sales, digital signage is an ideal advertising medium. Its engaging visual experience allows viewers to absorb more information and engage with your brand. In addition to providing brand awareness, advertising on digital signage can also help you reach your target audience, improve customer retention, and create an unforgettable in-store experience.

With this type of advertising, there are virtually no limitations to the content you can display. About 75% of business owners said digital signage advertising networks improved the customer experience by reducing perceived wait times. Further, business owners report that advertising on digital signage helped them reach a wider audience than they would have otherwise.

Aside from digital signage, 74% of respondents also claimed that it helped them increase sales by repurposing social media content. Another way to increase sales is to schedule digital signage during the day or evening hours. Remember that shorter messages are 90% more effective when planning your digital signage campaign. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Digital signage advertising offers numerous advantages for your business. In addition to reducing costs, it can improve customer experience by frequently varying messages. In addition, it reduces waiting time for customers by conveying news, traffic, amber alerts, and widget information.

It can also increase revenue and eliminate the need for other marketing materials. With a Cost Per Impression (CPM) as low as nine to thirty-two cents, digital signage is a cost-effective way to promote your business. Additionally, you can easily change the ad copy to keep it relevant.

By calculating your CPI, you’ll be able to measure whether the investment is worth the returns on your marketing efforts. Besides the cost of digital signage, mounting and cabling costs must be accounted for. These costs may vary depending on the location of the signage. The quality of the cabling is also essential, as it determines the transmission speed and durability. 

3. Interactivity

There are many benefits to incorporating digital signage advertising into your store’s marketing strategy. These include increased sales, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced recall.

Additionally, digital signage can be easily customized across multiple locations. These systems also allow you to collect data on your customers’ buying habits and preferences, which is very useful for marketing and planning.

The first benefit is that you won’t need to produce expensive video content for your digital signage. There are also accessible video-centric web page URLs that can be readily displayed with digital signage. Another benefit is that this signage allows you to prove your company’s value.

Studies have shown that people tend to trust peer recommendations more than they do straight advertising, and digital signage enables you to display testimonials and case studies to convince your customers.

Another benefit of digital signage is that it can advertise a wide range of products. This can be especially useful for seasonal promotions. It is also an effective way to promote products or special offers in-store. 

4. Retention

Digital signage advertising provides a new way to catch consumers’ attention and encourage them to return to a store. It can help increase sales by attracting impulse shoppers to a store. Brands often use digital signage to showcase short video snippets to entice shoppers. It has been shown that 80% of brands with digital signage see increased sales by up to 33%.

Moreover, the content on digital signage helps create an immersive shopping experience for consumers. In addition, it also improves the chances of up-sells, cross-sells, and impulse purchases. Digital signage also serves as a direct channel for employees. Not only does it help them stay connected to their employers, but it also encourages them to be more active within the company.

It can also help create a positive company culture by celebrating employee birthdays and introducing new workers. Digital signage can even be a means for employee appreciation, assisting companies in developing a better work environment and employee satisfaction.


In conclusion, digital signage advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers. By using this type of advertising, businesses can target specific audiences, control the frequency and timing of their messages, and track customer engagement. Additionally, digital signage is a cost-effective way to create a dynamic and interactive customer experience.

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