Cellular Network Issue With LG Stylo 6: Fixed

Are you experiencing Cellular Network Issue With LG Stylo 6? Your LG Stylo doesn’t support Mobile Data or Cellular Data. It’s on. However, the internet is not working. What’s the problem?

Are you experiencing the most confusing issues in the world, such as mobile data being unable to function in your LG Stylo 6? It is the situation and something you must take care of as soon as possible.

You’ve arrived at the right site because we’ll tell you how to resolve mobile data not running in your LG Stylo 6 device. Keep exploring the new ideas on greenhatfiles blog.

1. Wifi Connection Problem on LG Stylo 6

If you’re experiencing slow internet speed while using WiFi, You can fix the problem by following these steps.


  • The problem could be caused by unseasonably cold weather. It is possible to experience this issue often when it is rainy or severe.
  • If you are experiencing issues in your internet connection, attempt LG stylo reset your network settings.
  • It is possible to try turning the WiFi device up and off on several instances to check if this can help.
  • Check to determine if you’re not within the wifi network’s reach. This is the main reason why wifi has a concise range.
  • Switch to Airplane Mode for a couple of minutes on the LG Stylo 6, then turn it off. Verify if the issue is resolved.
  • Also, ensure that you don’t exceed your plan’s bandwidth limit.

2. Data Not Working on LG Stylo 6

On all mobile phones, there is a chance of experiencing problems with the cellular network. If your phone network isn’t stable or you’re not receiving a clear signal, you must try the following steps.


  • Take the HTML0 SIM card from the LG Stylo 6 device, then insert it back in.
  • If the issue persists, switch off Airplane Mode and turn it off after a few minutes.
  • You can try LG stylo 6 to reset the network setting.
  • Problems between your mobile as well as the mobile tower are frequent problems.
  • Then restart your device to check whether the issue is fixed.
  • Verify if you’re experiencing issues with your network due to a recently installed application.

This is a common issue. I’m hoping that by following the above steps, you’ll be able to overcome this problem. If you’re having an issue with your mobile network on the LG stylo 6., please post an email, and I’ll help in any way.

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More Tips to Fix LG Stylo 6 Network Problem

Tips to Fix LG Stylo 6 Network Problem

If you have one of the LG Stylo 6, you might have faced LG stylo 6 problems with the network, such as “No Network Available” or ” unauthorized SIM card.” This issue frequently occurs when you own a double SIM variant of this phone.

These suggestions will provide clear step-by-step directions for resolving such a problem.

1. Restart Your Phone To Fix The LG Stylo 6 Data Connection.

Sometimes, restarting the LG Stylo 6 cellphone will fix your “Network not accessible” bug. Do you understand why it’s essential to restart your phone?

This is done to reload the phone’s memory. This is believed to help to resolve minor crashes and the smooth functioning of apps.

If you reboot the LG Stylo 6, the connection issues with the LG stylo 6 can be fixed quickly. We recommend completing the other steps if you haven’t already done the procedure.

2. Re-enter the SIM Card to Fix Cellular Network Issue With LG Stylo 6

This is one of the most vital steps in solving the issue of cellular networks using LG stylo 6. It is necessary to disconnect the SIM card once and then insert it again.

It is possible to reboot your phone to check whether the issue has been resolved or it is not. If the LG stylo6 issue persists, try inserting your SIM card into another slot (assuming you are using Dual-SIM models).

You can also try connecting the SIM to another device to determine whether the issue with data connectivity with the LG stylo 6 is due to your smartphone or SIM.

If the SIM installed on many smartphones isn’t functioning correctly, You can get in touch with your SIM provider (telecom provider).

If it’s working with a different device, you may need to make minor changes to your LG Stylo settings.

3. Check For The Network Settings To Fix “LG Mobile Data Not Working”

Another reason behind your phone’s network issues may be an incorrect setting. Follow these steps to choose the appropriate network settings for your phone:

Enter Setting ” network and internet” > “cellular network,” then Advanced Select the option “Instantly select network” and toggle on.

Following the above changes After the above modifications, you should look for an option that says “Data Roaming” option.

4. Turn OFF The “Roaming Mode.” To Fix “LG Mobile Data Not Working”

To do this, you must comply with these instructions:

Enter Settings Network and Internet tab, then Cellular Network. Search and disable the “Roaming option.

5. Re-Establish Your Network Connection To Fix Cellular Network Issue With LG Stylo 6

To reset the network settings on your device, Follow these steps:

  • To start, go to ” Settings.”
  • Scroll down the screen and select “System option” -> Advanced —> “Reset options” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ” Reset cellular network” (you might also look at alternatives like “Reset wifi,” “Reset Bluetooth,” or “Reset mobile network,” where you can select just “mobile network”).
  • Then, click ” Reset settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Your phone has the correct settings. Restart your phone to make sure that the new settings are in effect.


We believe that the cellular network issue that plagued the LG stylo 6 has been resolved. If the issue continues, you should visit your nearest authorized service center. A group of experts will inspect your phone for any serious problems with software or hardware.

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