How to Buy a Domain Name? 10 Things to Consider

Do you own a business or wanna start a blog, in both cases you need to purchase a domain name to have an online presence of your business/blog but if you don’t know how to buy a domain name then you are on the right place.

The right domain name selection may increase your target audience and opportunities for getting a better Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking and at the same time, it might hurt your blog/website in long run.

So to buy an effective and unique domain name, there are some important things to consider before buying a domain name.

So before further talks let’s get started with” 10 important things to consider before buying a domain name”.

10 Tips on How to Buy a Domain Name?

How to Buy a Domain Name?

1. Be Unique

Always be creative in the selection of domain name, choose a unique domain name that relates to your business/Blog niche because Google tends to rank exact match domain names high in the search engine. So it will help in the visibility of a website.

2. Keyword Rich Domain

Keyword Rich Domains basically help in the popularity and visibility of a blog, these keyword-rich domains will also be SEO friendly and it can help to increase your Click through Rate (CTR) which is the number of people who click through your site.

3. Avoid Numbers

Always try to avoid using numbers in the selection of domain names as visitors may find it harder to remember and it will affect the visibility of your site. So make sure you don’t use numbers on how to buy a domain name shorter with the help of GoDaddy email webmail.

For Example- it’s not necessary to use for the domain name of

4. Easy to Write and Pronounce

To minimize the possibility of typing error to the potential visitor your whois domain must be easy to write and it should not contain any strange character that causes trouble for the visitor to find your website.

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You should also take care that the domain name search must be easy to pronounce and don’t make any misunderstanding for your readers.

For Example- on here anyone may misunderstand “T” as “G”.

So always choose a GoDaddy domain that is easy to write and pronounce because it can help your site to become a brand.

5. Avoid Using Hyphens

Sometimes the name could be very popular and you won’t be able to find any variations of your desired domain search so here come the name “Hyphens”.

Hyphens are nothing but dashes that are used to make your desired domain available.

But I will suggest you not to use more Hyphens as it can affect your site in many ways as-

  • It kills the flow of the potential domain.
  • The hyphenated domain looks ‘spammy’ to many users.
  • The hyphenated domain is hard to remember for visitors.
  • Hard to pronounce and may be a bit confusing to many visitors.

6. Shorter & Easy to Remember

Never choose a very long buy domain name because you can’t make the potential visitor to remember your domain name.

For example- is not easy to remember domain and also does not contain any specific keyword.

The domain lookup must be shorter and easy to remember which helps your business or blog to grow better and make it a brand. If you make a selection of shorter and unique domains you will be getting many benefits as-

  • Easy to remember website.
  • Attract the potential visitor to become your loyal reader/customer.
  • It helps in creating a brand.
  • Maximize the online presence of your website in a better way.

7. Go with .COM

The majority of internet users assume to end a domain with .com when searching for any website, so if you buy a domain with other extensions (.net, .org, .info, etc) then you will have to put some extra effort to get people to notice your website with other extensions. Here are some quick points about it-

  • Considered to have more credibility with searches.
  • Higher resell value.
  • Easy to find and remember.
  • It’s ideal for many business websites/blogs.

8. Check Username Availability of Domain Checker on Social Media Sites

Ideally, it’s great to have a social media username similar to be the same as a GoDaddy domain search, because when it comes to promotion and branding of your website social media sites play a significant role in driving hell lots of traffic to your sites.

So when you have finally considered a domain registration for your blog, Now wait for a second and check the username availability of your domain name on different social media sites like- Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+, etc. If you find it positive then go ahead.

Tools to check username availability of free domain names on social media sites.

9. Avoid a Expired Domain Name that’s too Similar to an Existing Site

Never choose a Expired domain name GoDaddy that’s very similar to a popular site or your competitor sites that are already taken by someone because it won’t make any sense.

For example- Choosing when is already taken and popular.

10. Avoid Trademarked Domains

Here I will recommend you to wisely select the Namecheap domain as if you are choosing a domain name that is quite similar to another well-known trademark then you are likely to face some legal challenges by buying trademarks terms in your GoDaddy domain name and if it’s a big brand you might face a big penalty or get sued.

To be safe you can check for trademark availability at United State Patent and Trademarks Office ( and make sure no one owns a trademark on the free domain name you are considering.

So that’s it guys, these are some important things you need to consider before buying a domain for your business or blog. Once you find an ideal domain name by considering the above points go ahead and register it.

So What Next?

Buying a domain name is only a part of making a website or blog, now after owning a domain name you need a hosting company to host your website for detailed info about it you can read our ultimate guide on How to login to Godaddy Webhosting [2022]

If you find this article helpful for you, I would appreciate it if you could hit share to help more beginners to create a WordPress website and if you have any problem with the selection of domain names do let me know in the comment section below.

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