How to Download Periscope For PC? 2 Proven Ways

Periscope for PC is a popular social app that lets you stream videos and share them with your friends. Typically, this application is for iOS and Android OS but you can also use it on your Windows if you want.

Periscope for pc download comes with some awesome features that make it the users hard to ignore this app. But using it on a bigger screen will make this program more fun and efficient. So here I have shared some tips to get to use periscope download for pc.

Periscope for PC

Highlighted Features of Periscope for PC

Periscope does come with a great set of features that make it one of the leading video streamers on the internet from Marketing Videos Online 2022. It is superb user-friendly and smooth. You can share your videos with all around the world and even use the live video feature. Some of the highlighted features of Periscope are as follows-

  • You can stream your live videos and interact with other Periscope users using hearts and comments
  • Discover all the popular live videos people sharing from all over the world
  • You can also find out popular broadcasts with the location and topic search option
  • The Replay Highlights feature allows you to watch the best parts of a video that you have already missed
  • You can also share your live videos on your other social media like Twitter and Facebook
  • You can share your broadcasts to your specific followers of Periscope

Advantages of Periscope for PC

Periscope has its own integration with the popular social app Twitter. And as it has gained more popularity over the years, it has become one of the best live video streaming applications. Periscope of Windows gives you many more benefits that you cannot experience in your smartphone.

The large screen of your desktop helps you view videos more clearly and efficiently. Moreover, you can also stream your own live videos on a larger screen. And the best thing about it is, Periscope on Windows allows you to perform multitask on your computer which you weren’t able to do on your smartphone. You can check out other features of the streaming app while still recording your live videos.

Hence, Periscope for computers gives you a great facility to interact with your friends and followers or with your audience more effectively.

Overview of Periscope for PC

Periscope has many unique features that differentiate it from other live video streaming applications. The best thing about Periscope is that it gives you a private video broadcasting option and replay highlights. Moreover, Periscope gives quality and speed video broadcasting. And of course, you can share your videos on other social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

  • If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet about your live streaming on Twitter to let your followers know that you will be streaming.
  • Periscope helps to increase your number of followers more than other social media apps
  • Periscope is all about live video streaming which makes it easier for you to share your thoughts and go online whenever you want
  • Periscope does not have filters or animations to make your video more fun but it does come with no glitches and the fastest video streamer all around the world
  • Periscope only focuses on live streaming so it makes it better than other video streamers like Facebook or Instagram.

Though the application does not currently support Windows or Mac OS, you can install it on your computer. I will take you through some easy steps that will help you use Periscope on PC with zero hassle and glitches.

Use Periscope for PC by Screen Mirroring

In case your computer’s processor is very slow, then Android emulators would be the last thing you want to try. Hence, you can start by mirroring your smartphone to your Windows computer. This method is simple and straightforward if your monitor supports Chromecast. Alternatively, you can download AllCast Receiver for Chrome to avail of this option.

Moreover, you can also root your Android phone and install an ideal mirroring application that will allow you to mirror your device. You can install AirDroid 3 on your smartphone and run Periscope. Then the application will help you mirror the application on your computer as well. This is the best way to connect your computer to your smartphone through the same wifi network. Connect two devices at the same time and launch the AirMirror application.

Download Periscope for PC Using Emulators

Like many popular smartphone applications, Periscope is not currently available for Windows. But with the help of a few Android emulators, we can solve the problem. To download Periscope for Windows 10, you are going to need a proper functioning emulator. There are so many emulators available on the internet that can help you do that. We are going to talk about the methods of using an emulator effectively on your PC.

1. Use BlueStacks for Downloading Periscope

Do download Periscope on your computer, you can take help from BlueStacks, one of the best Android emulators at the current moment. Go to Bluestacks’ official website and then download the blue stacks.exe file on your computer. For the rest of the process, follow the given instructions-

  1. Once downloading Bluestacks, double click on the .exe file and install it on your computer
  2. Go through the simple on-screen instructions carefully to install it on your PC
  3. After the installation is over, launch the emulator and sign in to your Google account
  4. Open Play Store inside Bluestacks and search for Periscope
  5. Then download and install Periscope using Bluestacks
  6. Now you are ready to use it on your computer
Periscope for PC

2. Use Arc Welder to Download Periscope on PC

Bluestacks is an Android emulator but Arc Welder isn’t. It is a browser extension or more of software that helps you download Android applications directly on your computer. Arc Welder is free software that you can download for free from its official website. And then follow the steps demonstrated below.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your pc
  2. Download Arc from its official website
  3. Before you download it, choose “Add to Chrome” from the pop-up window
  4. Click on “Add” and wait for Chrome to download the application
  5. You don’t have to install it once being downloaded, it will be automatically installed on your computer
  6. Run Arc Welder from the Chrome launcher
  7. After downloading it, search for Periscope from the search menu inside the app
  8. Install the application and enjoy it on your PC


Since there is this BlueStacks and Arc Welder application available on the internet, you won’t have to limit yourself from using Android applications on your PC anymore. Not only Periscope, but you can also install and use many other Android applications this way. Using Periscope on the computer helps you multitask and gives you easier control so it’s fun. Moreover, if you know any other way we can enjoy Periscope on the computer, tell us in the comment box below.

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