Why has the Huawei Watch 3 Become the Favorite Watch of the People?

Huawei recently released its new smartwatch, dubbed the Huawei Watch 3. When it comes to fitness tracking, does it have what it takes? The Huawei Watch 3 is designed to compete with Apple Watch Series 4 and Fitbit Ionic.

The Huawei Watch 3 has four main features that make it stand out from the crowd: GPS connectivity, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and water resistance. Although it lacks some key fitness features, such as built-in GPS or NFC payments, the Watch 3 provides a full-day battery life and can track activities like running, cycling, swimming, and walking.

It also includes an impressive feature set, including Google Assistant integration, offline music playback, and third-party app support. If you are looking for this device, check smart watch deals

What makes Huawei smartwatch a Well-chosen Choice for People?

Exquisite Design  

Huawei kept its design ethos the same and carried over the Watch GT series’ circular form onto the Watch 3. The stainless steel and black ceramic casing, which give it a luxurious appearance and feel and a durable structure, are two examples of the high-quality materials used by Huawei.

It exudes a sophisticated appearance and works with both professional and informal attire. Further enhancing its appearance and feel is the display glass’s elegantly rounded edges and glossy black finish.

Superb display 

The right side of the watch encompasses a digital crown. The app launcher is opened with a single push, and the user interface, notifications, and screen are scrolled through by rotating the crown. The haptic sensation you receive when you spin the crown adds to the enjoyment of the experience. A physical button that serves as a shortcut for training modes is located below the crown.

The watch has a 1.43-inch circular AMOLED display up front with a 466×466 pixel resolution. The display is incredibly crisp, vibrant, and bright. It provides true colors and deep blacks that enhance the appearance of widgets, watches faces, and the user interface. Additionally, it is bright enough to provide excellent sight both inside and outside. 

Keeps a good track of your health 

Watch 3 combines the advantages of fitness tracking and timekeeping into one device. This wearable is designed to improve your life by providing valuable notifications and insights. It uses the optical heart rate sensor located at the back of the wrist. This helps measure your pulse while running, cycling, or doing any physical activity.

This watch is the way to go if you’re looking for a stylish, functional fitness tracker. 

Good compatibility 

Do you know the first wristwatch to come with HarmonyOS 2.0 is the Huawei Watch 3. Since the device’s debut, Huawei has constantly released monthly updates that improved performance, repaired several issues, and brought new features.

The smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones in pairing. However, Huawei advises utilizing it with one of their smartphones for the most incredible experience.

Good battery life 

The battery of Watch 3 can operate for up to 3 days under typical conditions. The super-duper battery life mode provides over eight days of use on a full charge.

Charge the smartwatch in reverse using compatible wireless charging-capable cellphones.

Waterproof / water resistance

With IP67 certification, the Huawei Watch 3 is protected against dust and water damage. So if you accidentally drop it in the pool or shower, it won’t stop working.

Gives soft feel 

The 46mm casing of the Huawei Watch 3 active version comes with a black silicone band that is plush but not nearly as soft as the Apple Watch 6’s. The band is held with a traditional buckle instead of the loop-and-tang style fastening. It also features quick-release pins so you can quickly switch it out for something more elegant.

The Bottom Line 

Huawei Watch 3 is undoubtedly the first wristwatch to run Huawei’s proprietary HarmonyOS. It has a gorgeous design. Although it functions as efficiently as silk, it hasn’t yet been entirely polished, as you might anticipate. There aren’t many more apps to download, and there isn’t much support for other services.

The Watch 3 deserves your attention if you use an Android smartphone, and it’s sure to grow much superior as the ecosystem matures.

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