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There are now numerous apps available online that pay you to cash in real-time with Qureka Pro APK.

Some people are skeptical about it, but there are a lot of apps for games, trivia quizzes, and other games that allow you to earn real money. On our website, we’ve listed a number of apps that you need to take a look at.

There was a game app known as the GameChamp app. It worked perfectly, however, due to reasons that were not clear, they’ve removed the application.

Since the GameChamp app has been shut down it has been replaced by an app that is similar to it, known as Qureka Pro.

It’s true, Qureka has shut down the Game Champ app and later relaunched it under its name as Qureka Pro. If you are aware, Qureka also has an application that is called Qureka Live Trivia game show. With this app, you will need to take an online quiz and win cash in the event that you win. Let’s see the features of this app. Qureka Pro Gaming app.

Qureka Pro Apk Review

Qreka Pro App is a game application that lets users play games and earn cash. In this app, you can play games such as fruit Slash, CricketT20, Fantasy Cricket, Bubble shooter, Fruit Chop, Candy Burst, and more. It is possible to play all these kinds of games, and get Paytm cash. Also earn money by inviting your friends on this app.

We’ll begin looking at all the information about Qureka Pro. Qureka Pro.

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

Get this Qureka Pro app and start earning money effortlessly. Follow the steps given to download the application.

1. The first step is to download the app by clicking the link provided.

2. Use the code in order to earn an additional bonus.
3. After downloading Once it is installed, you can install it.

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

3. Now, enter your mobile number and confirm it using OTP
4. Input your Email ID

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

5. Click on Enter
6. Give permission

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

It’s done! The app has been successfully downloaded to your device.
You will receive Rs.6 as a Sign-Up bonus and also 150 Coins.

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

How To Play Games And Win on Qureka App?

Once you’ve downloaded the application On the main page you’ll find all games available. Click on your favorites and then try it out for free download Qureka pro Apk for android . This is the best option to try the game out for free before you take part in tournaments and earn huge prizes. Follow these instructions to take part in games.

  • Open the app and go to Games
How To Play Games And Win on Qureka App?
  • There is every game you can think of like Fruit Slash, Bubble Shooter, CricketT20, etc.
  • Click on any game to play
  • There is a possibility of playing the game for free to practice
How To Play Games And Win on Qureka App?
  • You can read it written in the form of “PRACTICE & WIN Rs.2
  • Start with the free trial, then you can go for big
  • It is possible to play games with money and coins. Make sure to check the entry fee prior to you start playing.

Here’s how to play your favorite game and earn real cash.

Different Types Of Games Available

Types Of Games

On Qureka pro Apk withdrawal, you can play a variety of games to play and they are simple to play. Each game can be played with ease, meaning you can earn cash easily in Qureka Pro apk free.

A list of games that are available for download on Qureka Pro

  • Fruit Slash
  • CricketT20
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • RiseUp
  • Bubble Shooter
  • BallShooter
  • Fruit Chop
  • Don’t Crash
  • Candy Burst
  • Happy Jump
  • Earth Hero
  • Box Tower
  • Save Panda

This is the list of games that are currently available in the application. If you’re looking for a brand new game, then you can make a request to include it in the Qureka Pro apk .

Request To Add New Game

  • Open the app, and then go to Games,
Request To Add New Game
  • Continue scrolling down until the page’s end
  • You will be able to see the option to REQUEST A GAME
Request To Add New Game
  • Click it, and then email them the name that you would like to use.

Refer And Earn Up To Rs.100 Per Friend?

You can also earn cash by making friends refer you to friends. Send your invite link to your friends’ list and earn cash from the real Qureka Pro apk. Follow these steps to recommend your friends in this Qureka Pro apk.

Each time you refer someone, you earn Rs.5 within your VIP wallet. You can cash out the amount directly into your Paytm account, without having to play games.

  • Start by opening the app, then select EARN which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will be presented with the option to invite your friends to Whatsapp, Instagram
  • There is a Copy and Share the invite link,
  • Copy it, and then share it with your acquaintances.
  • You can earn as much as Rs.100 in your deposit wallet for every referral
  • You will earn Rs.5 per referral in your VIP Money Wallet
  • On this page, you’ll be able to read invite your friends to join you to earn 50% deposit cash. If you recommend it to a friend, they must download the app using your link and then deposit funds into their bank account. No matter how much they deposit, you receive 50% upon their first deposit. For example, if they deposit Rs.100 and deposit Rs.100, you will receive Rs.50.

How To Earn Coins To Play Games?

They can be utilized to play games on the app. Let’s now discover how to earn the coins needed to participate in games?

Method 1: Sign Up and Get 150 Coins

If you’re a brand new user, when you sign up you’ll receive 150 coins. This is the normal way to earn coins.

Method 2: Enter the Details and Earn Coins

  1. Then, open the app, then click the picture or the phone number on the top left corner.
  2. Once again, click on the Profile
  3. You will find the option to edit your profile, and earn coins.
  4. The name of the update is Earning 30 Coins
  5. Update Profile picture: Earn 30 coins
  6. Click on Gmail: Earn 60 coins
  7. Update Age Earn 30 coins
  8. Update city Get 30 coins
  9. Update gender: Earn 30 coins
  10. Also, you will receive a total of the 210 coins you can earn from the update of this list.

Method 3: Spin the Wheel and Earn

  • Open the app and then click on the wallet
  • There is a Coin Wallet option besides that there is a wheel
  • Click on it
  • Every day, spin the wheel and earn coins

How To Withdraw The Money?

In the Qureka Pro application, you can make withdrawals from three wallets in the Qureka Pro apk. One is called Winning Wallet The second one is VIP Winnings and the third is the Fantasy Winnings. In the bonus wallet, you cannot withdraw. You need to use the Bonus wallet to play games, and if you win, the winning amount will be deposited in your winning wallet.

  • Open the app, then select Wallet
  • There are three options: winning wallets as well as VIP, Fantasy. With these wallets, you can take the money
  • Click on withdraw on any of the wallets where you have funds
  • Three of them have distinct limits, so make sure to check them and then decide to withdraw.
  • After you click Withdraw, you will be subjected to be subject to the following rules
  • You can withdraw funds in Paytm or UPI only.

Two Different Types Of Wallet

Within the Qureka Pro application, you can find two types of wallets. Win Wallet Bonus wallet Deposit Wallet as well as Coins wallet.

Winning The wallet – All cash wins you earn from playing games will be placed into this wallet. It is only possible to withdraw money from this wallet.

The deposit account The money that is added with Paytm and UPI will be reflected in this wallet when added. They can be used to play games however they cannot be withdrawn.

Balance for bonus All cash rewards earned through Spin the Wheel, playing games with coins or inviting games, welcoming games, and Welcome bonus (and others) will be into the wallet. These can be used to play games, but are not able to be taken out.

Coins The Wallet – All coins earned will be displayed on this page. It can be utilized to play coin games.

But, it is an updated app under its name, the GameChamp app. We have also written an article about GameChamp apps but it has been shut down. That means that all who had questions about Gamechamp are now able to participate in Qureka Pro.

Trick To Easily Earn Money By Playing Games

Trick To Easily Earn Money By Playing Games

In this article, we’ll show you some techniques for a few games offered by Qureka Pro. Make use of this trick to enjoy games, get higher scores, and make more money. Find out more information below.

The procedure is simple. The first step is to give you the secrets to one game, which is known as Don’t crash Game.

  • Then, you need to open the game, then play. Make sure you don’t crash the game.
  • As you advance, the speed of your vehicle increases, and it becomes hard to get more points.
  • The trick now is as follows:
  • Open your Phone SETTINGS
  • You can search for or navigate to the Additional Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select the Developer Options
  • Scroll down to enable SHOW SURFACE UPDATES
  • Now, visit Qureka Pro and Play the game. Don’t crash.
  • The acceleration of your car becomes slow, which means you can easily earn points.

This is the trick to playing only one game since every game is different and has its own tricks. We’ll be updating the techniques for various games. For now, enjoy this game to earn more.

There’s also a Trivia Show called Quiz on Qureka which provides a substantial amount of cash every day. It is a game where you will earn money by referring friends to play Quiz between 9:00 AM and 9:00 pm. Also, you can take part in the Mega Quiz of 1 Lac every Wednesday and Sunday.

FAQs Of Qureka Pro

Is Qureka Pro App Safe?

Yes, it is 100 100% safe and secure.

How to Use Coins in Qureka Pro?

Qureka Pro is an app for gaming, which means you can use your money to participate in games.

What is a championship?

Championships are time-based competitions that have the possibility of a smaller number of participants. You can participate in any live championship through the payment of an entry cost. Entry fees can be in the form of either cash or coins.

When you have enrolled in the game, ensure that you try many times to make sure you score a decent score. Only the highest scores count as rankings. Your prize amount is based on your score

Is the addition of money to play secure?

Yes, it is secure.

How do I withdraw my funds from Qureka Pro?

You can withdraw money from Paytm Money Wallet or UPI. There are two options at present.

Is KYC obligatory to withdraw money in Qureka Pro?

It’s true, KYC is a must for withdrawing money.


Then, Qureka pro is a gaming app that is being launched under its name as the Gamechamp app. The Gamechamp app lovers are now able to play games on Qureka Pro and earn real cash. There are many other apps that offer real cash, and you need to look them up on our site.

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