How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile 2022?

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile: Do you know who viewed your Facebook profile? The answer is not so simple. There are a few different ways to find who has looked at your Facebook profile and we will discuss them all in this blog post on how to see who visited my Facebook profile 2021. Let’s get started!

How Can I See Who Viewed my FB Profile on Mobile?

In this article, we will be showing you who viewed your Facebook profile on mobile.

For Android:

Go to the Privacy Shortcuts menu from the top right corner of your timeline page and tap “Who can see my stuff?” Then select “Viewing history“. This is where you’ll find a list of who has visited your profile recently.

How Can I See Who Viewed my FB Profile on Mobile?

How Can I See Who Viewed my FB Profile on Pc Window?

For PC Windows:

We get this question a lot. People who are interested in who viewed my Facebook profile want to know how they can find out who’s visited their FB page or profile without being friends with them on Facebook in order to prevent any awkwardness, embarrassment, and unnecessary questions that may arise in the future. Fortunately for you, there is an answer. Keep reading to find out who viewed my Facebook profile, and also who visited your FB page without you knowing about it.

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click on (3 links) main drop-down menu
  • Click on the Privacy Shortcuts
  • Tap on “Who viewed my profile“ (see image below)

Facebook has a new feature that allows users who are not friends on the network to view each other’s public profiles as they would their own timeline. This information is available via Graph Search by typing “Friends who live in who viewed my profile” into the search bar. You can also access who viewed your page by searching “Friends who live in who visited my Facebook Page.”

This means that if you’re curious to know who saw your FB profile, all you need to do is ask the question and check out the results on Graph Search.

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This is an excellent tool for marketers who are looking to find out who viewed their FB page, but it’s also a great option if you’re just trying to see who saw your profile. Remember that this information can be accessed by anyone on Facebook as long as they have the link or search term, which means that this new feature isn’t as private as FB wants you to believe.

What About Android FB Users?

I’ve been getting a lot of requests from Facebook users who are having problems with our service. When they open the app, it crashes right away or takes them to an error page instead of their profile.

  • What about Android FB Users? I mean what did you do when you found out this problem happened on your phone? – We found out that this is mainly because of an Android bug.
  • Are you going to fix it soon? We’re working on a solution and we hope to be able to roll that out as quickly as possible.

Ok, thanks for your time! Have a nice day. You too! Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂 By: John Doe

How to See who Viewed your Facebook on Desktop?

Unlike mobile, seeing your Facebook viewers on the desktop is a little time-consuming. Read on to an effective method.

  • Visit your Facebook profile timeline page using any browser on your system
  • Once the page is loaded, right-click anywhere
  • Select view page source (alternately you can use CTRL + U and a new tab containing the HTML code will open)
  • Press CTRL + F to open the search box on the new tab that contains the HTML codes of the source. (Command + F for Mac users.) See the below image.
How to See who Viewed your Facebook on Desktop?
  • Now copy paste BUDDY_ID and press Enter. You will see a list of some profile IDs of the people who visited your page (see image below)
  • Note anyone ID number (15 digit number). For example, I am taking 100011552976455 as an example here. This is not my Facebook account.
How to See who Viewed your Facebook on Desktop?

Is there any Extension Available to See who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Facebook is an extremely popular social media site, who has millions of users worldwide. One question that pops up in your mind when you join Facebook- “Who Visited My Profile 2022?” Here I am going to discuss some extensions available for Google Chrome and Firefox which will help you find who viewed my Facebook profile.

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This extension helps track who viewed my Facebook profile, who visited your Facebook page, and who is active on your friend list. You will have to simply add the ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ extension in Chrome or Firefox browser and it will automatically show you who has been viewing your profile for the past few days/weeks/months etc.


If you want to find out who has been viewing your Facebook profile, there are a couple of ways to do so. You can either go through the settings in your account or use an external app like Social Activity Manager by SiteScout. This is a free extension for Chrome that will allow you to see information about your profile visitors and their IP address with just one click.

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