10 Top Sites to Download PC Games For Free in 2023

This list of safe websites to download no-cost PC games will allow you to locate new and classic games across various genres and categories, including action-packed shooters and the most recent sports games. 

Most top sites to download PC games for free full versions also offer games designed for other platforms in addition to Windows, like Mac and Linux.

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The Top 10 Sites to Download PC Games For Free

1. Origin

Origin is one of the best-known platforms for downloading games. It’s owned and operated by EA, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, responsible for such titles as FIFA, Madden, and Mass Effect.

Featuring built-in Twitch streaming, in-depth profile management, total social media and console account integration, and other features, Origin is an excellent place for finding and playing games. It doesn’t have many free-to-play games, but some good titles are still here.

Origin pc games

2. Steam

In the realm of games and platforms for video, Steam is one of the top companies in the field. Steam is a popular preferred platform for playing games. It has a wide selection of titles from all sorts of developers that include well-known studios worldwide and independent creators. 

There are plenty of games that are free to play on Steam also, including shooters, puzzle games, casual games, action titles, games of adventure RPGs, and early-access games.

steam Download PC Games

3. g2a

G2A is well-known for its gaming site, where customers can enjoy huge discounts on the most recent games, and it is an excellent resource when you’re looking to score bargains and save money on the best gaming products. 

There aren’t any games for free to direct download. However, you can participate in G2A’s G2A Loot system, in which gamers can exchange their coins for “Cases,” which can include an array of free games with the most recent AAA titles available to lucky gamers.


4. Mega Games

The most dedicated gamers will enjoy Mega Games. This website is made to cater to gamers who are a part of gaming every day of the week. It has mods, trainers, fixes, and other information for the most popular games and hosts an entire freeware section packed with free games. 

There are various obscure and independent games here, such as puzzle arcades, horror, and shooter titles. The layout of the website is easy; the users have an opportunity to submit their content to the site.

Mega Games

5. Battle.net

Battle.net, abbreviated to BNET, is a gaming distribution platform managed by Activision Blizzard. Its exclusive launcher is a fantastic site to find free games from the vast gaming firm, including World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II. 

It also has exciting social features that allow you to connect with your loved ones.


6. Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store has recently emerged as a serious contender to be the most reliable game download site. Epic is a well-established gaming firm, and they’ve invested a lot of effort and money into making the platform robust enough to compete with steam. 

It has free games available frequently and a wide range of games being free for short periods and offers a variety of other major free games such as Genshin Impact and World of Warships.

Epic Games Store

7. Acid Play

Acid Play is a great site to find simple and free games. It also has numerous indie titles and games created by individual hopeful creators who offer their work online for free. 

The site offers direct downloads and a straightforward layout, which lets you browse the most recent freeware games or search for games by category.

Acid Play

8. AllGamesAtoZ

In contrast to sites such as Steam or Origin, AllGamesAtoZ isn’t an online store for downloading PC games. It’s more of a place that lets you know about all the available PC games currently accessible for download for free. 

It’s a valuable resource full of information about the various free PC games like pubg kr out on the market. 

The site is frequently updated with new games for free and links to other areas such as Battle.net or The Epic Games Store, where the free games are available for download.


9. Softpedia

Softpedia is an online download hub where users can download direct links for all sorts of software and apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. It’s an excellent source of games for free. 

Its library may not be as comprehensive as other websites; however, you can discover some great free racing games, puzzle games, RTS games, and RPG ones.

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10. Ocean of Games

In the end, Ocean of Games is another great site for free games across various genres. The design and interface of the site are simple and outdated, yet it’s still working well with category buttons and a search bar that can aid you in finding games you enjoy. 

The website appears and feels similar to a typical blog, with articles devoted to each game, providing information and download links for various popular genres, including the shooter games 2022, strategy action games 2022, adventure games 2022, and puzzle games 2022.

Ocean of Games

What do we think of sites allowing you to download free games?

To locate the top sites to download free PC games, We take a look at several crucial elements:

1. Games of All Kinds

One of the primary things to be considered when evaluating the general quality and value of any game download service is the wide variety of games offered. 

Games are offered in a vast and diverse array of genres, ranging from action-adventure and shooters to puzzles, sporting, horror games, and many more. 

Many gamers enjoy playing many different games rather than staying with one specific game genre, which is why many prefer to locate sites that provide a variety of games available to download, stream, install, and then update. The top sites will always offer an extensive selection of games of different genres.

2. The Process of Downloading

The process of downloading is another crucial element of download video game sites to be considered. 

Different websites have different ways of downloading. Specific sites permit users to download games directly to their device using their launchers or platforms like Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Stores.

But other sites will offer links to other websites and platforms instead of hosting downloads. 

Other websites, such as Softpedia, have direct download links that you can use directly from your browser, with no requirement to download additional launchers or applications.

3. Scams-free

It’s equally important to be aware of scams when you download free games from the internet and select secure and free of fraud sites. 

There are a lot of unsafe websites online that claim to provide free game downloads; however, in reality, they trick users into downloading adware, trackers, spyware, and other malware that can take over devices and access the data of users. 

Some sites also download games in a way that is illegal and downloading games from these websites could expose users to the risk of being sued it is always recommended to choose websites that are safe and legal. They are also free of all kinds of malware or tricks.

4. Streaming Features Availability

Streaming has become a more critical and well-known aspect of gaming and is an aspect that you might want to consider when looking for websites that allow you to download new and old PC games at no cost to your computer. 

Specific sites provide various streaming options that enable you to stream games and play using different methods, such as linking your accounts with services such as Twitch to your account with the gaming website of your preference. 

This isn’t significant to everyone since there aren’t many gamers keen on streaming games. Still, if gaming streaming is something you’re interested in, you must check out the streaming features available on the websites you decide to play on.

5. Social Aspects

Social features are often integral to the free download websites for games. Many contemporary gaming websites have, at the very least, a social media integration, allowing you to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, for instance, while others go beyond this. 

Certain websites and platforms let you create an account for yourself and engage with the global community of gamers, including writing the reviews you write yourself.

Make individual lists of your top games and games, share your ideas and thoughts across the globe, and share your most recent scores, accomplishments, gaming achievements, and information to any social media platform you like.

Benefits of sites that allow you to download full-version PC games

There are numerous benefits when you use these top-rated sites to download PC games for free, like:

  • Variety: Most websites offer an extensive selection of free PC games, ranging from puzzlers and platformers to first-person shooters online, helping you pick the perfect game to match your needs.
  • Convenience: These websites are user-friendly and well-designed, making it easy to locate and download any game you’d like to play with no hassle or delay.
  • Security These websites are committed to putting user security and safety first. They offer safe links and reliable downloads and aren’t using techniques or scams to trick users into downloading other unneeded software.
  • Speed If you’re looking to play your games as quickly and play as soon as possible, they can assist you. They have top servers worldwide, allowing players to receive the fastest download speeds to speed up the installation process.

How do you use these websites?

The sites may differ in their approach, and the procedure for using them differs from one place to another. In general, it is possible to follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit your chosen location.
  2. Utilize the built-in search feature to locate games you’d like to download.
  3. Install the launcher, or select the link to download to start downloading.

Operating systems available

Each game is unique. Specific matches are only compatible with Windows; others run across various operating systems and platforms. Through the sites listed above, you’ll discover games that work on these operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android


Games are an excellent method to kill time or enjoy yourself, whether with friends or by yourself. However, getting them downloaded from appropriate places is essential to avoid issues or scams. Choose the reliable sites mentioned above to get all your free PC gaming requirements.

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