10 Best Free Texting Apps for Android 2023 (Top Picks)

Many people are still in love with text messages and frequently use them to communicate with friends. Most people support SMS and MMS on their gadgets, but certain people may require other texting applications to send complimentary messages to family members and friends. 

Many applications are available in the Google Play Store, but the primary issue with them is that they allow advertisements. What are the texting apps for android tablets to use on Android?

Another major issue with free text applications is that they have a monthly limit and post content they charge for using their service. In the beginning period, they’re accessible and even trustworthy for privacy. 

You can therefore choose the one you prefer. In this article, we’ve included a list of download-free applications for text. Check out this list to know the advantages and features of each app.

You want to be able to communicate with your customers in a more personal way. You don’t have time to send individual messages to all your customers.

Haymarket makes it easy for you to SMS you can send to customers via SMS or email.

Best Free Texting Apps for Android

1. Dingtone free phone calls, texting for free

This app is compatible with free phone calls as well as secret texting apps for android for free too. It even supports low-cost or no-cost international calls. The app lets users make unlimited phone calls with anyone with Wi-Fi access, or 3G/4G data networks. 

Additionally, you can invite family and friends to join the call and use Dingtone’s carefree free SMS

These Voice calls are of excellent quality, and the best texting apps for android 2015 are extremely fast with Dingtone’s mobile network. The app can even turn the phone into a Walkie Talkie. It is as easy as clicking a button and then speaking. It’s simple and quick, saving you from the dreadful registration procedure.

2. Text Me for Free texting and calls

TextMe is a cross-platform text messaging application for both Android and iOS. It lets you send unlimited text (SMS) pictures and messages to any number in the United Kingdom, the United States, Nigeria, and 40 countries worldwide. 

With the same application, you can connect with your friends on TextMe, and then enjoy free calls and video calling, and group conferencing across Android and all other platforms. 

If you’re looking for android spy apps for texting media, with this app, you can send and receive pictures as well as videos and voice messages via Your Android devices to all. Furthermore, you can also send your Dropbox videos and photos via text directly from the application.

3. TextPlus Free Text and Calls

textPlus application allows free and unlimited SMS messaging, image calling, and voicemail. It will enable you to call and message your friends using an active phone number, and you do not use another phone service. 

If your family members or friends reside within or in the US or Canada, With this app, you can make or receive indefinite calls, SMS, and MMS messages to anyone in Canada or the US as well as Canada.

TextPlus Free Text and Calls

4. Textra SMS

Textra is a tremendous and rich SMS and MMS application. It offers a custom alternative to the stock Android messaging app, which includes the most popular material design themes of 180 bubbles, app icons, and colors in free texting and calling apps for android without wifi. 

Dark & light auto-night modes, scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, quick voice memos, GIFs, 21 text sizes, message blocker, plus heaps more! 

Textra SMS

It is compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear, and Android Auto (car). This allows for improved notification and rapid response. The most significant benefit is that the features provided by this app are completely free for the duration of time.

5. Text Free: Free Text Plus Call

This app gives users free text and a genuine US phone number. This means you can send messages to anyone, even if you do not have the app, and use secure texting apps for android. 

You can send messages to anyone anytime, with features like text messaging for free, MMS for free pictures, international texting and calling, voicemail, and much more. 

Text Free: Free Text Plus Call

The app also gives you an additional number that you can use to guard your privacy, making use of the second number to access dating, Craigslist, online forums, and much more.

6. Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls

The app doesn’t require a mobile phone and provides free text messaging and calling via Wi-Fi. The application is free to download and includes all the phone features. The Nextplus applications are a FREE paid-for phone company that functions like popular videos and music services. 

Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls

You will be given a new number that supports free unlimited calls and incoming calls to any number. You can send unlimited free texts to anyone. The app lets you make free calls from anywhere around the globe without limitations, and it works with every Android device.

7. Free Tone Free Calls and Texting

Free Tone Free Calls and Texting

The application supports texts and calls (SMS texts plus MMS) in the US and Canada with a no-cost telephone number. This application allows you to send and receive MMS messages, large images, and videos using any Android phone or tablet on any other device. 

You can send messages and voice notes and share images and videos with contacts in a snap.

8. TextMe Up Free Calling and Texts

TextMe Up Free Calling and Texts

This app makes it possible to do no-cost texting on US & Canada numbers and free calling without needing plane minutes. The app also allows you to switch between several numbers. 

Furthermore, the app is different from free texting apps like this one. In this application, you can also add international and local numbers to the account. Use your smartphone as your email account with TextMe up’s intelligent numbers.

9. Free calls, messages, and International calls Voxofon

It’s one of the most popular international calling apps, which you can download for no cost. The app offers the lowest cost calls with high-quality quality to any phone worldwide. If you make international calls, you can be charged as little to 1. US cents for each minute. 

Free calls, messages and International calls Voxofon

You can connect to Wi-Fi or cell phones to make calls or send messages. All SMS and messages are delivered immediately. The app can also earn complimentary messages and calls to users who are not Voxofon users. 

It is also a highly trusted app to make international calls for a reasonable price, recommended and used by thousands of users.

10. Messaging + SMS, MMS Free

Messaging + SMS, MMS Free

It’s a classic messaging app, and this app allows you to exchange and get emojis as well as personalized bubbles or fonts. It has a stylish interface and is extremely easy to use. The app is compatible with the latest KitKat Android 4.4. 

The application supports all emojis. It can also send and receive emojis with friends, but only 1 page of the version is free.


The following is a listing of the Best Free Texting Apps. We hope you have found the one that meets your needs. Download any one of the apps mentioned above. To begin with, you could opt for Text my or Dingtone. Dingtone or Text My application.

Contact us via note if you have suggestions for apps we should include on our Top Free Texting Apps listing; we’re open to suggestions and new ideas. If you enjoy our blog, bookmark our site and keep an eye on us.

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