5 Reasons Why IOT Is Not Adaptable So Quickly?

Do you know why IOT Is not adaptable so quickly? The “Internet of Things” is a relatively new concept of connecting all our physical devices to one network. Everything from security systems to our cars will be connected to the Internet while giving us updates automatically.

This network of things allows you to stay connected while doing other activities like working, sleeping, and just enjoying life.

Sensors and other devices will help connect us to important data and information in a timely manner. This sharing of information does create some problems and below are five IOT concerns.

1. Security Concerns

Keeping your IOT running smoothly can become a problem if security measures are not put into place. Our devices are always connected to this network and there is the problem of others accessing your information without permission.

Privacy issues are a major problem with these always open networks which give your personal information away. These networks need your personal information to function and this is where the problem is. Insufficient passwords give easy access to information and the need for encryption will help eliminate these problems.

2. Homes are not suitable for Smart Inclusion.

Most homes today do not have the technology to operate and manage the home effectively with IoT. This is because of the expense involved in setting up this technology with the existing home which is out of reach for most people. What is needed is to provide a bigger percentage of people with IoT technology for smart inclusion with the advances in mobile technology.

Smartphones and mobile technology have made it easier for the basic person to set up an effective home management system. The home does not need to be rewired or specially set up for this IOT to function.

This IOT for homes can be effectively managed with a company for a small fee or there are applications where you can do it yourself. These companies provide a hub that connects to your router and from here you can add apps, sensors, and outlets to maintain the smart inclusion of your place.

3. Lack of IOT Awareness

There is a lack of Internet of things awareness and only about half the population has ever heard of it. The percentage of people who really know the true meaning is less than ten percent which means even the tech-savvy group is not aware of it.

A large percentage of people when presented with what IOT is became very skeptical of the use of the connectability of their physical things. A majority of businesses will use IoT in the future so having a security system will be key to success.

4. Complexities of Existing Products and its Interconnections

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide whether to use and interconnect your existing products with IoT technology. It may not be possible because of the modifications and costs needed to bring these products up to date.

Companies need to update smartphone applications that are inexpensive to interact with this new IoT system. The existing products will have to be redesigned to make this possible.

5. No established products and a fragmented market

The IoT is a Wild West market right now and there really is no standard for this industry. While companies continue to manufacture these devices to connect to the web with undefined standards the potential for this new technology needs to be realized.

This standardization of IoT will help bring more customers into this system and security will be improved leading to the successful use of IoT.


In conclusion, the 5 reasons why IoT is not adaptable so quickly are due to the lack of technical knowledge, interoperability issues, security concerns, high costs, and privacy issues. Despite these challenges, IoT has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work.

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