How to Survive in Call of Duty: Warzone

Do you know How to Survive in Call of Duty? Call of Duty: Warzone has been with us for a long time, and no one can argue that this game has been anything but a massive success. With over 100 million downloads and a couple of millions of active monthly users.

COD: Warzone has been a behemoth stomping down on every other pretender that even claims to be anywhere close to famous as the latest offering of the Call of Duty franchise. This free-to-play, addictive first-person shooter game has truly changed the game in the online FPS industry.

How to Survive in Call of Duty

But one should not, even for a second, think that this game is anything close to being beginner-friendly. Newbies should prepare themselves for some harrowing experiences. COD: Warzone is a game that even pro players struggle with from time to time.

However, we will assist you in your gameplay. Following is a list of Warzone cheats and hacks that will increase your chances of survival.

How to Survive in Call of Duty?

Here are some popular ways to survive in call of Duty just follow these simple tricks by the greenhatfiles blog.

1. Stay with your team

You will not survive for long if you try to be a lone ranger in this game. In other games, you might give this strategy a shot, but in COD: Warzone, you only invite a world of pain for little to no return. To survive, you must trust and rely on your teammates; it is as simple as that.

Your teammates cannot only guide you through the gameplay but also provide cover fire if you are under attack. They can also be extremely helpful to heal and revive you if that is required in the game. So it is of paramount importance to stick close to your team and, more importantly, listen to the squad leader.

2. Keep an eye on your HP.

A common mistake by many players is that they do not think about boosting their HP in the game. To be honest, they cannot be entirely blamed for that. In many first-person shooter games, there’s no concept of a player boosting her health by applying items available in the game.

But that is the case in Call of Duty: Warzone. Here you can add three armor pieces that will take your HP from 100 to 250 – a significant increase. Naturally, this is something you must take advantage of.

Additionally, you can carry up to eight armor pieces with your character. So, if you find that your armor is damaged, you can easily replace the shield without any issue or delay.

3. Use Buy Stations

What is your first objective when you start a round of Call of Duty: Warzone? To survive the first couple of minutes and stay away from the bloodbath, which is pretty common after a drop. But the next objective is to collect in-game cash to buy essential items and gadgets that will help one survive in the game.

You can easily make your purchase from the many Buy Stations that are scattered across the map. Place priority on getting a Loadout drop and the UAVs, which could literally change the tide of a battle immediately. Once you have collected both of these items, you can scroll for other offerings available at the Buy Station.

4. Land on the edges of the map

One of the most idiotic things that a player can do is land anywhere close to the action. You have nothing with you, no weapon, no gadget, and no plan of action. There is literally no chance of survival.

What you need to do is drop as far away from the action as possible, obtain some money by completing contracts, equip your character with the necessary tools and then make a way to the center of the action. This is the only way you can perform anywhere close to what can be called a good showing in the COD: Warzone.

5. Complete contracts

In the previous point, we have alluded to contracts that are available in the game. They are pretty useful for players that want to earn quick cash and be ready to tackle whatever the game throws at them.

As a beginner, you must focus on recon and scavenger hunts. All the others are usually too much for a newbie to handle as they don’t usually have the equipment or the necessary experience to complete those contracts.

Simply do the easy ones for now and get handsomely rewarded for it. What more could one ask for?

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