9 Crucial SEO Tips for WordPress (SEO Experts Guide)

Do you know about the crucial SEO tips for WordPress? WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most flexible content management systems and very powerful from a search engine optimization point of view. On the one hand, it comes with clear SEO coding, making it easier for search engines.

Such as Google indexing the pages offers many options for us to tweak them for better SEO results. To sum up, WordPress offers us many ways to better onsite SEO.

Now let’s see some SEO tips for WordPress, which will surely help to get more visitors via search engines.

SEO Tips for WordPress Blog in 2023

1. Have Simply Layout

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes with many types of layouts etc. But, I suggest you use a simple design which helps the website visitors to find what they want quickly. Nowadays, Google checks if the site is easy to be navigated or not.

2. Use Keywords in the URLs

This SEO tip for WordPress is essential since search engines check if the URL of the particular post contains the keyword we optimize the center for.

This can be easily set up in the Permalinks sub-menu of the settings. There are many suggestions on how to set it up; I use the /%category%/%postname%/ or the simply %postname%/ versions.

3. Put Keywords in your Title Tags

Never forget to put the keyword you optimize your post for in the title of it. It is best to put the keyword at the beginning but at least in the middle of the title.

4. Website Coding

It is a general rule to use external CSS for all styles and external scripts.
Another important WordPress SEO tip is to use a header (H1-H6) for your headings or titles.

5. Use Clear Navigation

As was mentioned in one of the SEO tips for WordPress before, clear layout and navigation are vital. So if your chosen theme does not have good navigation, use some breadcrumbs plugins to make your site easier to navigate and more SEO friendly.

6. Interlink Your Articles

Whenever you add a new post try to use or find a keyword that was the main keyword of another post you have written before and link to that article with anchor text. It is not easy at the beginning when you have just a few posts, but as more and more you, you will indeed find posts to link to.

You can build Page Rank through your WordPress blog by interlinking your articles. Plus it is a good way for your readers to get more posts on related topics.

7. Use the Google XML SiteMap Plugin

This WordPress SEO plugin generates a Google sitemap. Every time you update, it will automatically update the sitemap and notify search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But do not forget to submit your sitemap to these search engines.

8. Utilize the Related Posts Plugin

Another SEO tip for WordPress is to use a related post plugin. It adds associated posts based on categories, labels, or titles. This way, you can keep your visitors on your site, which is also suitable for SEO.

9. Use AIO SEO Plugin

Everybody knows that the higher your website’s rank, the more free targeted traffic you will receive. The All In One SEO makes blogging easier because it lets you optimize and tweak the title and description shown in the search results and keywords. Besides this, you can tweak many other things for better WordPress onsite SEO.

There is no question that there are many other SEO tips for WordPress that can help you get better results, but I think these tips are one of the most important ones.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, following these 9 crucial SEO tips for WordPress will help ensure that your website is optimized for search engines, allowing you to attract more visitors. By following these tips, you can ensure that your website is easy to find and navigate, making it more likely that people will stick around and explore all your site offers.

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