7 Best Logo Maker Software in 2023: Our Top Picks

If you want to go online with a website, page, or brand, you will need to create a logo that matches your branding image, so you will need to choose the best software to create a logo for your digital identity. This article is here to help.

Your logo should be impactful, aesthetic, and representative of your brand in the blink of an eye-catching software logo maker. While original, a logo must represent your marketing positioning; otherwise, it will not attract Internet users in 2023. Always more visual and impulsive.

What is the Best Logo Maker Software?

You might be thinking that it’s not always easy to create a logo when you don’t have graphic design expertise or experience with hard-to-learn software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

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Of course, it is always possible to hire a freelance graphic designer with a platform like Fiver for best logo maker software. However, not everyone has the skill or the means to delegate the creation of their brand’s visual identity to a logo designer.

Check the List: 7 Best Logo Maker Software

1. Vectr

If you want to create a logo for free, Vectr is your tool.

This software, accessible on its online platform, is ideal for people new to vector images or want to work with a tool that will not require weeks of training in free logo maker software.


Intuitive and easy to use, it will allow you to create professional and very fluid designs for your business or brand.

One of the only areas for improvement is the fluidity of the tool is online; it is necessary to have a connection worthy of the name if you want to use it to make a free logo.

Vectr Takes Into Account:

  • The text
  • Importing images
  • A layer system (comparable to that of adobe photoshop)
  • Resizing
  • The use of basic shapes

And how much does it cost? This is the advantage: Vectr is an entirely free logo creation tool.

2. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a fully online logo creation platform where you can create logos from high-quality templates.


You can customize the templates in-depth and therefore have the possibility of creating a very original logo while starting from a template for software logo maker free download.

How much does it cost to access DesignEvo?

DesignEvo offer has the advantage of being a one-time payment.

The standard version at $24.99 will give you access to transparent files and the ability to work and rework your logos with a format optimized for printing.

The premium version at $49.99 includes the same advantages, with the possibility of downloading the files in vector format, and fonts and giving you full rights to your logos for commercial use, for example.

3. LogoTypeMaker

LogoTypeMaker is an intelligent logo creation tool designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to professional-quality logos at a low price.


Whatever your knowledge of graphic design software, the site’s interface – based on artificial intelligence technology will offer you logos according to your needs to logo maker software download first.

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This tool is aimed at you who want to access professional quality without worrying about choosing the logo. They are offered to you by the platform, generated by an AI.

What prices with LogoTypeMaker?

A basic package for €1,99 per month (billed annually) includes unlimited logo creation tool access.

A premium version at €4,99 per month (billed annually) consists of the advantages of the standard version, complete changes, vector logo files, HTML electronic signature, embedded code, a network kit social, favicon, business card templates, and branding book.

4. LogoMyWay

LogoMyWay is, first of all, a very original concept. In a word, you choose how much you’re willing to pay, and it gives you information about your needs.


The platform competes with the thousands of graphic designers registered there to create the best possible logo for you.

At the end of this small competition, and you are the organizer, you note the logos offered and choose your own.

How much does LogoMyWay cost?

This platform offers you to have your logo created – not by one – but by thousands of real professional designers. You can choose the amount to be allocated to your contest from $200.

5. Looka

Much like LogoTypeMaker, Looka is one of those AI-based logo creation software.


This logo maker asks you to enter information about your company and your logo, namely, type of business sector, company name, etc. It offers you a selection of symbols you can customize at will.

And on the price side, what to expect?

It has many packages for you to choose from.

  • A Basic Logo Package with One low-res file is $20.
  • A premium logo (HD, multiformat, unlimited edition, and rights of use is $65.
  • Or choose to get a logo & brand kit.
  • The brand kit subscription allows you to use the site’s features unlimited.
  • Suffice to say that if you are undecided or that you have significant needs.
  • This subscription costs $96 annually, is billed annually, and has endless other features.

The brand kit web subscription is the same as the “brand kit” subscription, with the possibility of having a site generated in your brand’s colors/logo/fonts for $192 per year billed annually.

6. Logaster

Again, Logaster is logo creation software that uses artificial intelligence and many templates to help you create your logo.


It will ask you to check information about your branding, like name, slogan, theme, colors you want. The creation of logos is then automatic with highly varied and aesthetic themes.

At what price can you take advantage of Logaster?

It has four packages for you to choose from. And the price starts from $19.99.

7. LogoMakr

LogoMakr operates as a small marketing agency. The only differences, and yet considerable, are the price and delivery time.


LogoMakr works extremely simply:

You order your logo, and the ordering does not stop until you are delighted with the design offered.

You have the rights to images and HD files in all engaging formats within 2 to 3 days.

Your request will be processed in 3 simple steps:

Start by completing a quiz about your ideal logo, style, colors, and fonts that appeal to you.

Receive design concepts:

Your concept presentation is emailed to you. You can now select your favorite concept, give your opinion or ask for entirely different ideas during your next presentation. You can ask for several new images and to change your mind.

Make the last changes to the concept you have selected. Finalize your choice of design. The final logo files you choose are delivered in image and vector format for web, social platforms, or professional printing.

How much will my logo cost you with LogoMakr?

Design of your original logo from A to Z: $299
Redesign of an existing logo: $195


Well, now that you gain a clear idea of these practical logo makers, then you can choose one or more logo makers to start your design.

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